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The Attack on Titan - Life Action Movie was ... "Uuuh... Meh.."

Yepp. That's what I can say about it.
After watching the movie, I was very, !very! disapointed.

The titans had been the only well done things in there. They freaked me out and the fear and terror that was delivered through the movie got me realy good, especialy because of all the gore in the beginning.
No one of us wants to get splattered with insides of someone else right? ... *shivers* They were terrefying in a good way but I think that was the only god thing within the movie.

To think a second part is comming makes me feel anxouis.

The characters are not how we know them. They all have changed the personalities of the MCs aside of Armin and Hanji. They seem close the their original selfs. Jean is almost not there aside of the certain fight and ... him acting like a coward.

Pairings we get from the movies are... four "couples". Two OCs Lil and ... another dude, Armin X Sasha (wut?), Eren and Hiana(!?) and my most hated couple is Shikishima X Mikasa (that apple-scene was sooooo wroooooong!). It was terrefying.

For everyone who still takes Shikishimas character as a substitude for Levi ... I can only shake my head. ... Don't. Just don't.
Shikishima is nowhere near being a proper substitude for Levi. Shikishimas character is sooo much different and not like Levi at all!

He is fishy. His character acts so superior towards Eren and Mikasa that I felt like vomiting - This includes the apple-scene. *shivers* So wrong. Mikasa acts so submissive around him and doesn't give sh*t for Eren. It almost seems like Mikasa blames Eren for what happened to her - At least I get that view and it gives me a lot of insecurity triggers or how you would call/name it.

Shikishima is like - that guy on the battlefield who thinks he is better than everyone and watches the new recruits die instead of giving any aid. Mikasa does the dirty work for him. He aint doing sh*t.

The film-makers/creator even gave him a quote from Dot Pixis. "I wouldn't mind a sexy female titan for once." and also a quote from Armin but REVERSED!!! It gives the whole matter a different meaning than in the actual story! As if;"You fight monsters? Becareful not to become one of them." something like that. is that why his character almost aint doing anything but watching people die?

He sucks. I need someone who draws Levi giving Shikishima a well deserved punishment!

To me. It... didn't felt like attack on titan but Attack on Humanity with bigass monsters.

As I pointed out. I am dispointed and can only shake my head.

If I had to rate the movie... I would give it a 3 out of 10!

Look good. Sceary as hell. The terror from them was well delivered. (+ 1 point for each)

So la la. (+ 0,3 points)

As cinema-sins may be would say. "It's the end of the world."
(+ 0 points; actualy - 999.999.999 points)

Post-apocalyptic alternate-timeline in the future. (+ 0,5 points)
An island near japan. ... Well the they had something.

- points in total ~ 4 out of 10 -


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